FC Bryant Thomas & Co

Litigation, Tribunals and Mediation

Are you worried by the prospect of a court case or legal dispute? We can advise or represent you in court or tribunal proceedings, either civil or tribunal. If you need to take or defend an action, make a claim for breach of an agreement, if you require representation for driving offences, accident claims, commercial disputes, in relation to a a disputed will, or estate other action to pursue your rights, contact us now.

As well as formal court action, many disputes for claims are dealt with by mediation or heard before a tribunal. Consequently, this may reduce the expense, delay or anxiety that a court hearing before a judge may induce. Our office and solicitors are experienced practitioners in mediation to present your material and position.

If you have received a claim or need to commence an action, our office will provide professional service to take action on your behalf. Our solicitors will –

  • Give a step by step explanation of the court or tribunal process which helps you understand the system
  • Advise on investigations or consultation with experts that may be necessary in order to present your case
    Provide regular reports on the progress of your claim
  • Give clear estimates of fees and expenses. This will keep you informed as to the costs involved, so that they do not become uncontrolled
  • We will provide in clear language explanations and guidance in relation to the courts and legal system which can be complex and confusing to the client.