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Deceased Estates

Deceased estates: probate and administration, disputed wills

Our firm has long experience dealing with administration of deceased estates, which involves the getting in of the assets of the deceased person and distributing the estate in accordance with the will or the laws of intestacy. 

We can guide you through the procedures for obtaining a grant of Probate (where there is a will), or Letters of Administration (where a person has died without leaving a will).

Depending on the nature of the assets, it is often possible to administer an estate without the necessity (and expense) of obtaining Probate. A grant is normally not required where assets were jointly held and we can advise you on whether this will be applicable to your matter.

Disputed Wills

We also accept instructions in connection with disputed wills or estates and you are welcome to contact us to discuss your concerns, whether you are an executor, a beneficiary, or a person claiming under the Succession Act as not having been properly provided for in the deceased person’s will.