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Commercial Business & Lease Transactions

Whether you have been in business for many years or are just starting out, we can assist if you –

  • Require preparation or review of a Commercial Lease for a Retail Shop, Office Space, Workshop Area or Factory Premises
  • Are considering the sale or purchase of a business which will usually include the transfer of a lease
  • Need information on Trademarks, Business Name Registration
  • Need to incorporate a company
  • Need to initiate or defend a court action​

or need advice on any other aspect of your present or intended business operation. Contact us now


If you are a landlord of commercial premises, establishing the lease obligations for the tenant is an important part of ensuring your return on the investment in the property and the protection of the property as well as the use to which the premises can be put.
Our office can assist with establishing the lease documentation and supporting disclosures which are necessary under different statutory requirements, such as the Retails Leases Act, or by using effective commercial practice.
If you are a tenant in commercial premises, it is important to ensure your reasonable entitlements to occupy the premises for your retail operations, commercial enterprise or warehouse. Often the establishment of a lease involves important financial and operational considerations, which must be established before occupations of the premises takes place.
These are important negotiations and can affect the future viability of profitability of any business. Establishing reasonable terms for your use of the premises is an important feature.