Have you considered the wisdom of giving an Enduring Power of Attorney to a trusted person to cover the administration of your business affairs if you were to suffer physical or mental incapacity in the future?

Such circumstances often arise without warning, and if there is no Power of Attorney in place it could become necessary for your next of kin or carer to apply to the Guardianship Tribunal to arrange management of your affairs.

Most people would prefer to have someone of their own choice handle matters for them in the case of incapacity whether permanent or temporary, (as in the case of a stay in hospital).

Appointing an attorney ensures your peace of mind, in the knowledge that you have put your affairs in order to cover any future eventualities. Having the document prepared, witnessed and certified by your solicitor makes it an Enduring Power of Attorney.

It is wise at the same time to consider appointing an enduring guardian. Learn more.....